epi24, developers of The Womanizer (www.womanizer.com), a popular line of PleasureAir intimacy products, has just signed on as a Bronze sponsor at the annual CatalystCon, a conference that inspires conversations around sexuality.

“We’re excited to support CatalystCon, a progressive conference that’s just as passionate as we are about sex-positive attitudes and the advancement of sexual health and well-being,” said Ryan Poirier, Vice President at epi24.

CatalystCon is an annual conference designed to inspire open and frank discussions about sexuality. It inspires attendees to relay those important conversations to their own communities to change how society talks about and approaches sexuality. Organizers bring together sex educators, sexologists, sex workers, writers and activists in an effort to share the knowledge to inspire the change needed to make sexuality a non-taboo topic.

Poirier continued, “CatalystCon is about sharing information that will help enlighten people – a principle we live by at epi24. We believe that women who are informed and empowered are not only healthier but are also happier over-all. The products we create enable women to discover more about their bodies which make intimacy more pleasurable for them and their partner.”

The Womanizer launched September 2015 in the US and has already received two coveted industry awards. It was recently awarded Outstanding Product for Women at the 2016 O Awards hosted at the AVN Novelty Expo in Las Vegas. The XBIZ 2016 Awards also named The Womanizer by epi24, Innovative Sex Toy of the Year for its PleasureAir Technology, which does not overstimulate the clitoris. To learn more please visit www.womanizer.com.

Source: Yahoo Finance