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In a perfect world, we’d never have to be secretive about our sex toys while traveling. But since the TSA sees pretty much everything we pack in our carry-ons, that can lead to some pretty awkward run-ins for those of us who aren’t comfortable sharing our sex-toy preferences with strangers. Luckily, if you count yourself among those people, you’re not out of options. As people with nosy roommates often learn the hard way, inconspicuous sex toys do exist. They may be on the smaller side, they may be especially quiet, or maybe they even look like other, non-sexy items. Sure, these sneaky little sex toys have a novel quality if you’re buying them just for fun, but if you’re planning for a weekend trip, they can be clutch. You’ll save space and feel like you’re carrying a spy gadget — only you will know its true purpose. Ahead, we’ve rounded up 15 discreet sex toys, so you’ll never stress about your bag getting searched again.

19 Low-Key Sex Toys That Even The TSA Won t Catch

Our second shell-inspired choice, these pleasure pearls (also known as Ben Wa balls or Kegel balls) nestle into a clamshell case that the Little Mermaid would be proud of. CalExotics Pleasure Pearls, $11.95, available at PinkCherry Photo: Courtesy of CalExotics.

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