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You built a private cloud at great expense and, despite the initial cost, real savings are being made. And even though you thought the cloud was just what your development teams wanted, they are now clamouring for containers. Why?

In common with most enterprise companies, you probably justified the investment in your cloud from an Infrastructure perspective with an emphasis on increasing utilization of physical hardware. The average utilization before virtualization was often below 10%, and virtualization as an enabler of workload consolidation has been a critical tool in ensuring that money spent on hardware is not wasted.

But – and it is a big but – typical enterprise private clouds offer little beyond cost savings and accelerated (virtual) machine delivery to the development teams who consume them. These are certainly valuable, but are rather short of the full promise of cloud.

What development teams are really looking for is a platform with APIs they can use to directly attach their automated software lifecycle tools. To quote one development lead: “I just don’t want to talk to Infrastructure.”

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