Wildflower Health’s pregnancy tracking app has been made available to Medicaid populations in Louisiana and Texas. The company reported that prior to these recent rollouts, its offering, called Due Date Plus, was available to 2 million people across its existing commercial and Medicaid plans.

“By engaging an increasing number of lower income women during their pregnancies, we believe that we can help them take greater control of their overall health and give them the tools they need to create longer, healthier lives for their families and themselves,” Wildflower Health CEO Leah Sparks said in a statement.

Wildflower Health’s app Due Date Plus helps pregnant women track their symptoms, monitor key milestones, read health tips, and view their benefits. One of Wildflower’s key customer groups are payers, which offer the app to their members. Many features included in the Wildflower app, like the click-to-call a nurse or “view benefits” features, are already available to the payers’ members, but Due Date Plus helps to highlight them.

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