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In one corner, we have Hippo CTO Arjé Cahn, expouding the merits of open source CMS.

In the other, we have Bryan Soltis, Technical Evangelist at Kentico Software, a Web Content and Customer Experience Management provider, espousing the virtues of proprietary systems.

During a debate on the web-based CMS-Connected program, both men “passionately defended their positions,” we’re told.

“The main difference between the two is that, in an enterprise setting, I don’t want to rely on a community to provide me with the answers. I want to go to the source, to the vendor who wrote the software, to solve my business problem,” Soltis said.

Cahn, however, “debunked the myth” that open source lacks support. “We built a very sustainable company. We’ve been around for 15 years, providing support of an open source platform and do that incredibly well. We have really great customers, partners, analyst coverage …We’re a very decent company and take great pride in supporting our customers and making sure they succeed in their digital strategy.

But why not see for yourself? Click here to watch the debate!