What Happened When I Tried kGoal

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The kGoal device syncs up to your phone with Bluetooth to help track your kegel exercises. 

(Amy Klein, Yahoo Health)

You should be doing them while waiting at traffic lights – walking or driving. You should be doing them while standing in line at the supermarket or doctor’s office. You can do them almost anywhere, without anyone knowing it. And they’re supposed to be one of healthiest things a woman can do for herself.

They’re kegels: pelvic floor exercises that strengthen core musculature for posture and pelvic organ support (including the bladder, uterus, and rectum). They help prevent incontinence or leakage, improve your core, and sometimes even your sex life. Some describe it as the feeling you get when you stop your urine midstream, others say it’s like holding in gas in public: You clench your pelvis and rectal muscles tight.

The problem is: Most women aren’t doing these exercises, says Liz Miracle, a women’s health clinical specialist in pelvic floor support and assistant clinical professor at the University of California School of Physical Therapy. “Women are busy, working, keeping up with their partners, juggling being mothers, and with all this going on they can’t find time for their pelvic floor exercises.”

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