With 40 million Americans mired in student loan debt totaling $1.2 trillion, novel ways of a scoring a payoff are emerging.

An online trivia game puts a new spin on crowdfunding to pay off student loans. New Jersey is considering a lottery with a jackpot targeted to student loans. And presidential candidates are even proposing tuition-free college.

Thousands are taking a gamble on the pay-to-play¬†Givling.com, which calls itself “gamified crowdfunding.” The online startup pays off student debt with a trivia game.

Players pay 50 cents a game to be matched into a group of three. The players, called funders, compete to win cash prizes, as well as giving to a pot for a massive Givling fund. When that fund reaches $10 million, $5 million is distributed to student loan holders in a queue; $4 million goes to the highest scoring players; and the remaining $1 million goes to the daily cash prize.

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