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By: Chey Bell, Account Manager

As a PR firm, staying competitive is all about your ability to deliver results. Your ability to consistently do this is based on the experience and talent within your organization.

Finding the right talent these days isn’t just about industry experience, but rather finding highly creative and competitive individuals who have a passion for Public Relations.



Because the PR landscape is ever-changing, multidisciplinary teams can help your organization develop creative and comprehensive campaigns.

Take entertainment PR for instance – PR people in the entertainment industry have traditional PR experience, but they also have background in social media, video and digital. As disruptive tactics used in public relations, it’s critical to have people on your team that know the in’s and out’s of new media.

Should you sign a Social App Developer, or a client that is interested in incorporating PR stunts, entertainment PR people have the skill set to edge the client out in front of their competition. Influencers, celebrity endorsements and event-based tactics are strategies that have been long adopted by companies in the entertainment space.



Working as a publicist in the entertainment industry requires being comfortable having hard conversations on a regular basis. Being able to thrive in that type of environment builds confidence – and although they might not have experience in your industry, they are confident in their abilities. This individual is not afraid to encourage the team to take risks. When challenging clients with high demands come along, these individuals are driven to exceed expectations and keep your team focused on doing the same.



A successful PR expert will have a substantial list of contacts, and it’s no different in the entertainment industry where success is literally built around who you know.

When campaigns grounded in seasonal holidays fall flat or product launches are long over, it’s those with relationships that can breathe life into existing campaigns, come up with creative partnerships, or pull a rabbit out of a hat when it’s needed most. These candidates are not the run of the mill applicants; they’ve been around the block and understand how to connect the dots.