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A few weeks ago, I spoke with a consultant at CPP, the organization that publishes the Myers-Briggs personality test, about a newer tool, the CPI 260. It’s designed to assess leadership potential in the workplace.

On some level, I thought the whole idea sounded vaguely ridiculous. But the Seventeen-subscribing brace-face in me was dying to know: Could this be it — the test that would finally tell me who I really was and could potentially become? Would it drastically alter the course of my career?

I registered to take it online.

How the assessment works

The CPI 260 is typically used either when there’s a performance issue with an employee or a manager wants to help an employee develop into a more senior role at the company. Individuals can also purchase the test themselves when they’re working with a career coach.

Companies including the Red Cross, AIM Investment Services, and Delta Associates have used the assessment for talent development.

The test consists of 260 true/false items and takes approximately 40 minutes to complete online. In order to register for the assessment and purchase the three reports analyzing your personality, you need to work with a practitioner who is certified by CPP to interpret the results. All three reports together cost $136.85. (CPP waived my fee.)

The questions are strange, to say the least. There’s one asking whether you’d enjoy listening to an opera singer and another asking whether you’d like to be a race car driver.

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