The Sleep Monitor Countdown

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Waking up shouldn’t suck. Still, most people struggle with the first part of the day. There is no need. With new technologies, you can reset your internal clock and wake up refreshed or at least kind-of refreshed. These are the best sleep assistants out there. How you treat your hangovers is your own business.

9. SleepRate: The first step in getting a better night’s sleep is to understand why you’re not getting one in the first place. SleepRate’s system is made up of a heart-rate monitor, a companion app and about a decade worth of research from Stanford University’s Sleep Clinic. While we liked the methodology behind this approach, this was one of our least favorite systems due to the intrusive heart-rate monitor, which is supposed to be worn across your chest. When the solution creates more discomfort than the problem, we’ll opt for the alternatives. [$100; Sleep Rate]

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