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Productivity is a big topic these days. In an era of always-on technology and constant interruptions, getting more done in less time is the holy grail. Evidently, the answer is simple: Get out of the office.

Of employees who work remotely at least a few times per month, more than three-quarters of them report greater productivity while working off site, according to a recent survey from ConnectSolutions. Some 30% complete more work in less time, and 24% get more done in the same time, the survey found.

What makes the difference, you ask? No one is popping into your home office to ask if you watched the Oscars last night or if you can help them with that spreadsheet. “Clients have said to me that they get more work done on a two-hour flight than they do all day at the office, because they’re not being interrupted,” says Mitzi Weinman, founder of productivity company TimeFinder and author of It’s About Time.

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