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In this article, GridGain explains how in-memory computing is a highly complex technology, and only a few vendors have even been able to successfully develop offerings.

However, like much of high-technology, in-memory computing has entered the world of open source – bringing its capabilities and power to the fingertips of developers around the world.

Currently, with GridGain, developers have the ability to get their hands on IMC with a simple download at


Do YOU believe in these myths about in-memory computing? Click here to find out if these are true!

Myth: In-memory computing is about databases, so this isn’t really relevant to my business.

Myth: In-memory computing is expensive, therefore not practical for my operation.

Myth: In-memory is inaccessible to my business because so few developers actually know how to use it.

Myth: My needs are already being met by Flash.

Myth: Memory is not durable enough to be truly sustainable.