TechRadar: Finis Smart Goggles review

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By  | December 15, 2021

Two-minute review

The Finis Smart Goggles can be connected to a small module that fits into the corner of one lens, and tracks swimming metrics like laps, stroke type, splits and rests. It also packs in a digital display that you can use to keep a close eye on performance and receive feedback during your swim.

From a tracking accuracy point of view, the goggles perform very well, reliably capturing data like distance, pace, rest time on par with Garmin and Coros pool swim tracking. It also offers a nice breakdown of sets, recognising swim strokes in the companion app.

Sadly, while tracking seemed reliable, the experience of trying to glance at the tiny display wasn’t great and as a result didn’t feel very useful to have at our disposal during swims.

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