TD Magazine: Personality Preferences

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By Hannah Sternberg | March 2020

Use personality type insights to improve work-life balance.

Have you ever pulled your hair out trying to help your organization strike the right balance for engagement but discover that everyone sees it differently? Do two employees receive the same volume of after-work email and one thrives on it while the other says it’s too much? It turns out that personality type can play a part in how people perceive their work-life balance, regardless of the actual pervasiveness of work or technology in their lives.

According to Type and the Always-On Culture, a new research study from the Myers-Briggs Company, results of the organization’s eponymous personality tests can help individuals achieve a better work-life balance in a technology-driven, always-on world. Understanding how people tick can be more valuable for building a supportive culture than throwing wads of cash at the problem.

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