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SleepRate introduces its Sleep-Life Balance Program, which is designed to help people reach personal goals—weight loss, enhanced athletic performance, and improved focus and productivity—by detecting and fixing unhealthy sleep patterns.

“Studies have shown insufficient sleep makes for poor food choices, slows down recovery in athletes, and can hurt our ability to perform tasks that require logical reasoning or complex thought,” says Anda Baharav, founder and CEO of SleepRate, in a release.

Key features include:

  • Contactless sleep sensor or a Polar H7 heart rate monitor—based on preference, customers are provided with a device that continuously detects heart rate, breathing or motion, and allows insight into sleep structure and quality. The program is also compatible with BLE heart rate monitors.
  • Sleep assessment—the first phase of the program analyzes sleep during multiple nights in the natural sleep environment. Factors such as falling asleep time, sleep duration, sleep quality and cycles, nighttime relaxation, and environmental noises that disrupt sleep are carefully monitored, resulting in an extensive sleep report.
  • Prescribed Sleep-Life Balance Plan—this phase provides individuals with a personalized prescription that includes sleep and wake times, along with stress-reducing activities to practice before bed. Additionally, sleep-damaging habits are tracked and modified to make sure all sleep-related habits are adjusted.
  • Continuous monitoring of indicators such as cravings, energy levels, mental focus, and weight-loss to keep people on track. Based on selected personal goals, helpful reminders and tips are pushed out digitally so the program is always in practice.
  • Access to SleepRate sleep experts—a dedicated team of scientific experts stands behind the program.

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