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Benefits communication has always been challenging – it can be difficult to interest employees in what can often be dry and confusing technical information. Yet interest them we must, because they’ll fail to make wise choices if they don’t understand their benefits options, which can negatively affect both them and the company.

Gamification offers an option that can help make the enrollment process more interesting to employees and, in the process, boost their understanding and utilization of available benefits. Are organizations finding gamification to be a useful means of connecting with employees and, if so, what best practices are they finding more effective in achieving their objectives?

Gamification Still a Viable, and Popular, Option

Rob Porter, head of market and business development for CoSo Cloud’s eLearning solutions, has seen an uptick in companies using the technology. “We are seeing, across the board, organizations have increased their use of gamification to boost employee engagement and participation in open enrollment activities,” he said.

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