For more personal, hands-free communication, many businesses turn to videoconferencing. Once the preserve of the boardroom, such systems can now simply be a part of your suite of collaboration software.

Accessing data and apps when working from home

“We talk about ‘agile working’: it’s not just about working from home. You can connect to the office as and when you need to.”

Communication is important, but employees also need access to their data and applications. One option is to switch to a cloud-based set of tools – which may be easier than you think. “Most enterprises, when they look into it, are surprised at how many cloud-based applications they’re already using,” noted Tommy Armstrong, CTO of IT-as-a-service consultancy Virtual Clarity. Even for businesses that currently rely on local applications, “often there are cloud applications available with good enough functionality, and a migration path to make the transition straightforward.”

The challenge is in how to manage an application suite of which you don’t have full control. “It’s important to think about processes,” noted Armstrong. “Which processes can be moved from a legacy application to a cloud-based app? What constraints are there regarding regulatory compliance?”

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