We might think of Valentine’s Day as an occasion for chocolates, candlelit dinners, and adventurous new tricks in bed. But according to an epi24 study, many women would prefer to Netflix-and-chill. A good deal could even live without the chill part — especially when they’re not getting as much out of it as their partners.

The sex toy company surveyed 400 American women during December of 2016. 44% of them didn’t expect to celebrate with any presents or romantic meals. In fact, of all the holidays, 41% of women in relationships dread V-Day the most.

Women also seem lukewarm about the night of the 14th. 43% have no interest in shaking up their bedroom routines, and 35% are more excited about the cuddling than the sex itself. 34% would rather spend the night watching TV than getting it on.
Obviously, if almost half of us are dreading a day that’s supposed to be enjoyable, something’s wrong. Perhaps people are tired of the expectation that everyone should be in a relationship. Valentine’s Day ads, cards, and media depictions are also notoriously heteronormative, which is alienating for those who identify outside of the narrow views of a couple presented around this holiday.
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