Product Review: The Minna kGoal

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The Minna kGoal

The Minna crew really are just full to the brim with brilliant ideas and innovative adult products.

First came the Ola (a toy that firmly got the approval of my G-spot) then the Limon (an intuitive clitoral toy that seemed almost made for me) and now the kGoal.

The kGoal is ready to give you a work out.

Like the Limon the kGoal was crowdfunded—something that Minna has also shown an impressive penchant for—and it shares quite a few elements with the Limon. Like the Limon its bulbous section acts like an inflatable cushion and, much like the Limon, squeezing it activates and increases the intensity of its vibrations.

However the kGoal utilizes its squeeze technology for a different task. As its name suggested the kGoal’stechnology is instead targeted at helping those with a vagina locate and strengthen their pelvic floor muscles through kegel exercises.

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