CPP, Inc. (CPP.com), the Myers-Briggs® company, has refreshed its MBTI® product line to offer a new angle on type insights and better means for MBTI practitioners to help others. Available at www.cpp.com/mbtirefresh, CPP has refreshed the MBTI product portfolio to be more engaging and effective than ever, and is offering new product enhancements, exclusive practitioner tips, and interactive resources to inspire practitioners to approach their work from new perspectives.

Refreshed reports and other products feature a contemporary visual design and layout that makes them more accessible, engaging, and relevant, as well as updated language describing MBTI type theory for increased comprehension and usability. “CPP is committed to continually improving its products and services,” said Jennifer Overbo, Director of MBTI Product Strategy. “We’ve listened to the practitioners, and based on their feedback made a host of enhancements that will make it easier to understand MBTI type concepts and extend learning after training.”

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