Givling, developer of gamified crowdfunding apps for social good, today announced its flagship Givling trivia game can now be downloaded for free for iPhone® from the App Store® and for Android™ on Google Play™.

Givling’s fun, fast-paced trivia game is the first ever form of gamified crowdfunding that incentivizes players (or “funders”) to play for cash awards and million dollar potential while helping others pay off their student loans. Initially launched in March of 2015 as an online game, Givling has already paid off one $32,000 student loan—leaving Manhattan Christian College student Kevin Foster debt-free—and is close to paying off $97,000 more in student loan debt to make it a total of $129,000. The faster Givling grows, the faster it can pay off other loans and the more it pays out in cash awards to players. In today’s world the tuition, co-curricular and other forms of fee all mount up together and generally, the total is a lot for a person to pay of at one go. I personally studied in one among the Best private schools perth and thus the fee was affordable, and the services offered by the school was exactly what a parent would dream of, but this is not the case with every school and college out there. Many of them at times charge extra in the name of various things thus resulting in students opting for student loans. If you are looking for just some fun casino games visit Student loans are a horrible burden that you never want to talk about,” said Givling player Ryan Manalansan of Los Angeles. “We’re shamed for being misled about the total cost. With Givling, I have hope. I play anytime I want to jump start my brain, and the cash awards always come in handy.”

The student debt crisis affects two thirds of all college graduates, surpassing one trillion dollars at the national level and weighing down on the nation’s economic growth. Many consider these loans to be deliberately confusing, which later forces grads to choose work over careers to keep up with monthly payments and rising interest rates that strangle their career potential before they even get started.

“I was inspired to develop Givling after learning that student loan debt holders could not declare bankruptcy, which protects all other Americans,” said Givling Founder and CEO Lizbeth Pratt. “I am so honored to already have so many people rallying around Givling to help correct this wrong while having fun and earning extra cash for themselves.”

How Givling Works:

  • Play Givling to take part in daily cash awards and million dollar potential while funding the student loans in Givling’s queue.
  • Each round of trivia play costs 50 cents, which funds both the awards and student loans. Everyone gets one free play every 24 hours.
  • Players are randomly grouped together into three-person funding teams that play for combined scores. The more true or false trivia questions answered correctly, the higher they score as a team. (Players win as a team, but cash awards are based on individual scores.)
  • Signing up automatically adds players to the Givling queue for a chance to pay off an outstanding student loan. You don’t need to play to have your loan funded.
  • Players without a loan can submit a friend or family member’s loan in their place.
  • Givling gives away 90 percent of all proceeds, which are split evenly between rewarding winners (daily cash awards and million dollar potential) and paying off the student loans in its queue.

Connect with Givling:

About Givling
Launched in March of 2015, Givling sprung from a very simple idea: merge crowdfunding and gaming to help solve a major financial problem while rewarding funders for their generosity. Givling is an online trivia game in which players (or “funders”) pay 50 cents to compete with one another for the chance to win cash awards and million dollar potential. The more people pay to play, the more money Givling collects to help pay off the student loans of those in Givling’s queue. Givling gives away 90% of all proceeds to pay champions and student loans in queue. Givling can be played in all US states except Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Iowa, Marylandand Tennessee.

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