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Originally posted on July 10, 2023 | By Rachel Cubas-Wilkinson I recently discussed how lack of inclusivity can create a toxic culture. However, research suggests that only 36% of companies are actively working to build an inclusive culture. Considering this prioritization lag, I’d like to discuss why the fundamental characteristics of an inclusive organization are important and must be implemented at… View Article
Originally posted on July 7, 2023 When we have in-person meetings, we can rely on cues from people’s speech, behavior, and facial expressions to detect if the communication is flowing. However, this becomes significantly more challenging when working remotely. In a small video window on my laptop screen, it’s difficult to accurately discern whether someone… View Article
Originally posted on July 5, 2023 | By Rob Porter A headless learning management system (LMS) is an eLearning approach that offers organizations the best of customization and the power and capabilities to connect trusted platforms seamlessly. So, how does a headless LMS work, and what’s the story behind the name? In this article, we’ll start a deep… View Article
Originally posted on July 5, 2023 | By Rob Porter eLearning is integral to learning and development for all organizations, and getting it right is particularly critical for governments. In the United States, federal government departments and agencies like the National Institutes of Health, Department of Defense, and General Services Administration have offices and employees across… View Article
Originally posted on June 30, 2023 | By John Hackston Becoming a parent is one of the biggest changes — and maybe one of the biggest challenges — that many of us face in our lives, changing how we interact with the world around us as we keep our bundles of joy healthy, fed, and happy. But whatever… View Article