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By John Hackston | June 16, 2020 Being at the top is stressful, or so we are told. After all, top executives have high-powered, demanding stressful roles, don’t they? Surely that is one reason why they earn the big bucks. In fact, research suggests otherwise. It is the combination of lack of control, lack of support, and high job demands… View Article
By Hallie Crawford | June 11, 2020 The current economic situation has affected so many people’s jobs in different ways. If you are currently job searching or considering a new career path, it can be difficult to determine the best fit, especially if you need to find something quickly. Job seekers tend to focus on job descriptions that they know they qualify… View Article
June 8, 2020 While the world inches back to a reopening norm and new return to work policies, New Zealand has lifted domestic restrictions with their PM Jacinda Ardern declaring victory over the coronavirus, Need a quick dip into last week’s HR and HR Tech highlights? Catch them here. ______ HR Tech Quote-of-the-week! Extraversion-Introversion is… View Article
By Paroma Sen | June 2, 2020 It’s a well-known fact that women are under-represented in most industries, especially at the senior level within most organizations. John Hackston, Head of Thought Leadership at The Myers-Briggs Company joins us in this interview to talk about key findings from a recent study which indicated that the earliest date for any parity to exist between… View Article