1 April 2022 | By Simon Kent

Employee mental health has come to the fore, but with so many apps on the marketplace, it’s hard to know what would work best. SIMON KENT investigates. According to the Organisation for the Review of
Health and Care Apps (ORCHA), around four million health related apps are downloaded every

As a global health app evaluation and advisory body, ORCHA certainly has its work cut out. It claims there are currently around 325,000 health apps in what is essentially an unregulated market.

Not only that but as John Hackston, head of thought leadership at The Myers Briggs Company notes, when it comes to mental health, not every app will appeal equally to every employee. Apps offering social support, he notes, may appeal more to extroverts than introverts. Apps with reminders or regular check-ins have greater or less appeal according to different personality types.

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