If you received a letter in the mail that claimed an online game could help you pay off your student loan, you would probably shred it or throw it in the trash assuming it was a scam. Believe it or not, there really is an effort to address at least some of the nation’s $1.2+ trillion in student debt by playing a game.

The online site Givling represents a unique attempt to address the student loan issue — in essence, it is crowdfunding in the context of a game. The students to be helped risk nothing in the effort; they simply have to apply to Givling to be placed on a wait-list for assistance. As of this writing, forty student loan holders have signed up for the list, with debts ranging from $11,000 up to $97,000. To sign up for the next queue, you must monitor the Givling Facebook page for the next open call for loan submissions.

As for the game itself, it is a simple trivia game. Players are allowed one free play every 24 hours and each round costs 50 cents through the purchase of a Givling “coin”, along with a 30-cent transaction fee. You can buy as many coins as you want during a single transaction to reduce the fee to an effective 50 cents per game. If you like, you can use an avatar to represent you in the game.

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