Like it or not, password hacking crimes have become a part of our business world. You may have heard about several incidents throughout the course of 2016, and you may have even been affected. We’ll never be rid of cyber hackers completely; there are plenty out there scheming for new ways to attack your digital footprint.

In the consumer world, we’ve grown accustomed to receiving one-time codes on our smartphones to authenticate a login from a different device (a.k.a. multifactor authentication). Every time a multinational institution gets hacked, some of our clients re-educate themselves on password best practices. As end-consumers, we’re reminded to use a mix of capitals, numbers and special characters; never reuse a password on another site; and make them lengthy because longer passwords are harder to break. While some people may be able to use and remember a different complex password for every digital application they have, I doubt the majority of users have this gift!

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