Janrain makes its living by offering social sign-ons, so that members of Facebook, Twitter and other social networks can quickly employ the same log-ons for the sites and apps of about 3,400 brands.

In June, the company added a centralized way of managing user consent, called Consent Lifecycle Management. It offered one of the first ready-to-employ solutions to the upcoming user consent requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which goes into effect in May.

Now, the Portland, Oregon-based firm has released its Advanced Policy Manager (APM), developed with data access and governance provider Symphonic Software.

It allows brands to control access to data from one centralized cloud-based location. Janrain Director of Product Marketing Sven Dummer told me that his company is the first “to offer a complete cloud-based standardization of access control across all apps and sites.” He noted that it works with other sign-on solutions, in addition to Janrain’s.

That access applies to users, such as when a bank manager might have access to financial records that a bank teller does not. But it also applies to brands, such as an airline that has been granted access by a passenger to her mobile phone number for travel updates.


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