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Gmail’s new “Block” button is another example of the ever-increasing control consumers have over their inbox.

Previously, Gmail users could mark unwanted emails as spam and, after enough repeated spamming, Google would effectively block the sender. Yesterday’s announcement of the new sweeping sayonara button, however, is a new feature that makes it far easier for consumers to succinctly block a brand’s email marketing.

But how will the new Gmail block feature affect marketers? It won’t, according to Bob Sybydlo, director for intelligence products at Yesmail Interactive.

He says marketers should not notice any major impact since unsubscribes are inevitable, regardless of the email service provider. Instead of worrying about Gmail’s “Block” feature, Sybydlo suggests: “It is best to allow those people to do so [block emails] and focus on the people who are opening and clicking your emails.”

Bryan Soltis, technical evangelist at Kentico, disagrees. He says that any technology that could “impede a marketer’s ability to communicate with their customers will certainly have an impact on their reach and effectiveness.” But he does agree that the best way for marketers to counteract that possibility is by focusing on how they’re communicating with their customers.

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