By Eric He | October 21, 2020

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Although the COVID-19 pandemic is dominating health headlines, the importance of finding a cure for breast cancer looms large, as a diagnosis impacts both physical and emotional health. The Town Crier asked a local esthetician, Terrie Absher of Total Glow, over email about her experience working with breast cancer patients who come to her post-treatment.

Q: Discuss your experience treating breast cancer patients.
A: Breast cancer affects an estimated one in eight women in their lifetime, so it’s unfortunately something that impacts everyone at some point in their lives, directly or indirectly. We’ve personally seen the impact it has on our clients, family, friends and community. As we know, cancer in general, including breast cancer, affects lives so drastically not just through the direct medical implications from the cancer and its treatments, but also the emotional and whole-body stress on a person, their personal and professional relationships and the relationship they have with themselves.

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