In this special guest feature, Pedro Castillo, CEO and Founder of Logtrust, discusses how HBO’s popular Westworld is introducing Big Data and AI concepts to a whole new audience with each episode, and people are noticing. While technologists in Silicon Valley may understand why the Bernard character was able to check legacy data against known (or current) data to find anomalies, the average viewer may not. Pedro is a veteran of the security industry with over 15 years of experience in the IT and Financial Services sectors. His expertise in Big Data and Cloud Security are rooted in Spain’s stringent data privacy and protection requirements, where he successfully deployed real-time big data-in-motion-analytics in three major European industries (financial, telecommunications, cyber security). Prior to founding Logtrust in 2011, Pedro spent 11 years with Spanish bank Bankinter, first serving as the Technical Security Director and later as the New Technologies Director.

The popular HBO series Westworld introduced Big Data and AI concepts to a whole new audience, and people are noticing. It’s also teaching us important lessons that need to be taken into account by companies that are building their data analytics strategies.

Episode 6 in particular piqued viewers’ interests  when a legacy data access issue marked an important development in the storyline. While technologists may understand why Bernard needed to check legacy data against current data to find anomalies, most also know (and may have experienced first-hand) why this is still a difficult exercise – one that especially cannot be completed in the short time frame depicted by the show.

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