Today’s DBA may feel somewhat like Dr. Who—traversing alternate application “universes” in which different rules and demands weigh on their decisions.

One universe—the universe of Big Data—is one in which people understandably tend to stress the “Big” part of data. NoSQL and Hadoop offerings, which often take center stage in conversations, are good at handling massive scale. As long as you’re okay with sacrificing immediate consistency, these solutions are excellent for use cases that don’t require making sense of data quickly and easily.

For Big Data applications that are all the rage now—evaluating behavioral trends, weather patterns, etc.—it doesn’t hurt if data consistency lags behind initial computations, and small discrepancies are forgivable.

Yet, there is a whole other “universe” in which even the slightest bit of inaccuracy spells doom for your application. These “high-value” workloads involve several steps, each of which must be performed immediately and accurately or else money, inventory or other assets may be lost.

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