Originally published Nov 9, 2022 | By John Hackston

Most organizations like when their employees go above and beyond the letter of their job description. In some cases, this discretionary effort is an expectation; indeed, there are companies that could not function without it. Efforts to build a strong company culture and boost engagement will of course benefit individual employees but also make it more likely they will invest extra time and energy in their work.

Recently, however, cracks have begun to appear in this cozy picture. While some have always questioned the demands put upon them by their organizations and the idea that work is central to their lives, this feeling has been supercharged by COVID-19. People suddenly had the opportunity to stop and take stock of their lives, often because they had been laid off during the pandemic. As things began to recover, many people looked for new jobs in what has become known as the “turnover tsunami” or the “great resignation,” with those left behind questioning how much effort they should put into their work.

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