Originally posted on September 28, 2023 | By: Robert Porter

Companies are collectively investing billions to incorporate AI for recruitment, training, and evaluation. But what checks exist for deploying generative AI (GAI) like ChatGPT? If, for example, Defense Department employees undergo background checks, should AI? Is that possible? And in deploying GAI without guardrails, are we risking reliance on inaccurate info?

In this article, we explore the standards that organizations should take into account before investing in eLearning tools that are implementing AI.

In theory, ChatGPT could function as a government consultant. But who wrote the initial content and from what perspective? Are those perspectives favorable to the United States? AI is shaped by global data sources, which may not always align with American interests. So, how are content originators vetted by the government? No background check or validation process exists to ensure alignment with national interests.

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