How To Prepare Down There For Baby

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There are several things expecting moms can do to prepare down there for baby, and while most are exciting, there is one exercise that’s boring yet crucial. Kegel exercises.

But they don’t have to be. Minna Life, makers of kGoal, a smart Kegel exerciser + app just released a new game on the app. Shape Shift will challenge women to trace shapes as they move across the screen so that they stay engaged while practicing Kegel exercises.

While the app helps women keep track of their progress and endurance, the insertable device provides valuable biofeedback so mom knows if and when she is fully contracting and releasing her pelvic floor muscles.

According to Minna Life’s pelvic floor specialist Liz Miracle, MSPT, WCS, most women can contract their muscles, but they don’t release them all the way. Just like doing bicep curls you want to fully contract and extend your forearm so you get the most of the exercise.

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