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Last Friday, our MSR Team participated in a webinar titled “The Power of PR Stories: How to Create Corporate Narratives That Move Social and Traditional Media”


• Kevin Sullivan, Managing Director-Corporate Communications, Barclaycard US

• Daniel Novick, Writer and Corporate Storyteller, GolinHarris

• Matthew Greenberg, Vice President, Content Strategist, Social@Ogilvy,

Ogilvy Public Relations

• Tommy Walker, Online Marketing Strategist; Host, Inside the Mind

• Emmanuel Tchividjian, Senior Vice President, Ethics Officer, Ruder Finn, Inc


To help give our readers some informational tips on transforming your brand, telling a story, and intertwining social media in the mix – we wanted to jot down a few notes for you to take away.


How to Improve Your Marketing

Your brand is not the star of the story, your brand is not the main character – it’s ALWAYS the customer.


1.         Do A LOT of research

2.         Listen in social media groups, forums and specialized chats

3.         Create media that reflects what they want/need


Everyone Loves A Great Story

Three tips for great story telling:

1. Use a framework

2. Find your inspiration

3. The Golden Circle


What Makes Content Shareable?

Value Exchange – Understand what your audience values

Disruptive Ideas – We stop to notice ideas or concepts that challenge our understanding

Great Story – Many decisions are based on emotion, not reason

Fresh Interest – People want news they can share

Social Proof – We are often apt to choose what others choose

Creative Participation – Participants are likely to encourage others

Simple Advocacy – Make it simple to share


Telling Stories on Social Media:

The traditional rules of storytelling haven’t changed:

•  Authenticity

•  Relevance

•  Tension

•  And more…


But the platforms, opportunities and expectations have changed:

-Owned Channels

-Native Advertising


Why brand storytelling is important?

-Brands are no longer passive observers of the conversation and culture


What’s the brand’s philosophical North Star?

-Not the brand’s marketing message – its purpose.


Many ways to discover this:

The Six Thinking Hats

Process – What’s happening?

Intuitive – Emotions around Issue

Objective – What We Know

Positive – Why It Will Work

Negative – Why It Won’t Work

Creative – Solutions


Content Marketing Essentials:

Distribute your brand story on the following; Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Google+, Vine, Facebook, YouTube, Foursquare, Pinterest.