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SleepRate helps people to improve the quality of their life by detecting sleep problems and e-coaching on getting better sleep .

SleepRate’s solution is a disruptive, patented and validated sleep diagnostic algorithm based on the Heart-Brain-Sleep connection. Once the reason for disturbed sleep is detected, a personalized treatment plan is administered in adaptive, cyclical automated steps. This expert digital treatment has been derived from protocols previously developed and tested at the Sleep Clinic of the Stanford University’s School of Medicine, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences department. The new method is well adapted to mobile technology.

SleepRate monitors nightly sleep in the natural sleep environment using off the shelf Heart Rate sensors ( such as fitness belts, wrist bands or smart watches, other contact free devices) provided the signal fits certain technical specifications. A smartphone acquires the physiological data, as well as environmental noise and snoring in the bedroom. The analysis is performed in the cloud and sleep duration, sleep structure and cycles including deep sleep and REM sleep as well as sleep interruptions, sleep efficiency, quality and night time stress/relaxation are reported nightly.


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