While some healthcare professionals are effectively leveraging the Web to connect with time-strapped patients, many providers still have significant work to do on mobile if they are to meet consumers’ needs, according to a report from Kentico.

Kentico’s digital experience research showed that consumers are becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of mobile options when it comes to communicating with healthcare experts or navigating wellness sites on smartphones. Although several marketers, such as Web MD, have made a strong push for applications centering on healthcare, doctors and providers must roll out a greater presence on mobile and SMS to connect with consumers.

“At the bare minimum, healthcare providers need to join other industries in optimizing their Web sites for mobile now that more than half of digital content is consumed via mobile devices,” said Jim Panagas, director of public relations at Kentico, Bedford, NH. “Mobile consumption is still mostly about having a specific need while on-the-go, so these sites need to be set up in a way that gets visitors to the right place in the fastest time.

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