Givling, developer of gamified crowdfunding apps for social good, unveiled findings from a consumer survey that suggests online games can help players reduce stress and perhaps even help people manage stress better.

The majority of survey participants reported being most drawn to so-called “casual” games such as puzzles, trivia, and casino games that are typically played on a mobile phone or computer. A lot of participants started using Bovada Casino bonus at Of the 70% of those surveyed who said they regularly take part in such gaming, 91% claimed the games help them de-stress. In fact, 53% say they play games specifically to de-stress while nearly a third claim the de-stressing element of games can have a positive impact on their job, relationships, parenting or schoolwork.

Furthermore, players who report leading stressful lives are 10% more likely to deal with stress than those who don’t play games. 71% of those who play games say they generally live happy and productive lives as opposed to the slightly higher percentage (76%) of non-gamers who expressed the same.

“It might seem counter intuitive to those who think playing games might stress people out or hurt their lives by taking up too much of their time, but our research shows gaming can have quite the opposite effect,” said Givling Founder and CEO Lizbeth Pratt.

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