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Like trivia and helping out others? Turns out the two are not mutually exclusive, and Wyoming-based online company Givling is merging both in the fight against a financial burden that is crippling today’s youth. Launched in early March, officials call the concept gamified student-loan crowdfunding.

“It’s a combination of a pay-to-play trivia game and the funding goes towards student load debt and cash awards to players,” said Givling Chief Marketing Officer Gayle Okumura Sullivan.

According to, recent college graduates carry an average student loan of $33,000. In 2014, student debt amount across the country totaled $1.2 trillion. Givling is trying to curb that.

Sullivan said, “It’s a major national issue and it’s a creative solution. No one else is doing anything like it!”

Here’s how it works. Folks with student loan debt can sign up for an account on Givling’s website or mobile app, get assigned a number in the queue and do not have to play. Users looking to win prizes pay for Givling coins at 50 cents a pop, are grouped with 2-3 other funders, and answer true/false statements – getting points for correct answers. Members of the highest Funding Team win a daily cash award. The money coming in from funders is then used to pay off loans down the queue. A free play is awarded every 24 hours.

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