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By Alex Ledsom | August 29, 2021

As the Delta variant continues its march across the planet, it’s no longer a given that things will return to ‘travel normal’ and despite increasing vaccinations, there are doubts about whether travel is a good idea during fall, or indeed winter, 2021.

This doesn’t mean that people aren’t currently traveling. Bloomberg reported that U.S. travelers are currently spending a lot of time in Mexico (plane seats are up 30% for the week of 16 Aug, compared to 2019 pre-pandemic levels), Greece (up 29% on the same metrics) and Croatia (where volumes have tripled). These three countries are some of the few which are currently wide open to U.S. tourists–but many aren’t.

What’s more, being vaccinated isn’t the golden ticket it was once thought to be–people can still catch Covid-19 even though the symptoms are reportedly milder. As reported by CNN Travel, “we’re at quite a junction now with the Delta variant, because what’s become apparent in the past few weeks is even vaccinated people, at a low frequency, are starting to get infected,” says Dr. David Freedman, an emeritus infectious-disease specialist at the University of Alabama at Birmingham whose COVID-19 research has focused on travel. “People don’t want to go away and get sick, especially somewhere they can’t get good medical care.”

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