By Christopher Elliott  |  April 10, 2021

No one in their right mind would take a vacation this summer without a little protection. And I’m not talking about sunscreen, either.

“With the uncertainties of COVID for summer travel, a comprehensive trip insurance policy is a must,” says Rajeev Shrivastava, CEO of VisitorsCoverage.

Travel protection such as insurance or a medical membership used to be optional for travelers. But post-pandemic, it’s pretty much mandatory. In some cases, it’s literally a requirement. Many European countries require health insurance coverage for your visit, and more are doing so every day.

Increased demand for travel protection

“We’re seeing increased excitement for travel paired with an increased demand for travel insurance,” says Karisa Cernera, senior manager of travel services at Redpoint Travel Protection. The Redpoint team has been staying on top of insurance requirements, which are changing by the minute. They’re complicated.

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