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By Michael Raneri | June 4, 2021

Data is increasingly driving our digital interactions — influencing the search results that fall above the line, ads that are relevant to a need, and products and services that align with lifestyle and brand preferences. Our persistent interactions with the likes of Amazon, Google and Uber create the data-driven insights to anticipate our needs while we search, shop and ride.

Similarly, data is a powerful tool for financial advisors who want the insights to support their practice and serve their clients more holistically. The financial services industry is making a monumental shift from a narrow view of a client’s financial plan just to meet a specific need to providing comprehensive financial guidance and best practices that proactively support a client’s overall financial health and wellness.

Depending on the lens of the investor, financial wellness can be defined in a multitude of ways: having the financial freedom to enjoy life, being debt-free, being able to retire in a specified time frame or having enough savings for the unexpected.

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