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Perhaps the best thing you can do to improve the strength of your orgasms is to exercise your PC muscles. These muscles form a sort of hammock around your sexual organs, and contract when you have an orgasm. You can locate your PC muscles the next time you’re urinating. Try to cut off your flow of urine before your bladder is empty. You’ll notice an internal “pulling up” type of feeling. Practice squeezing and releasing these muscles throughout the day, and during sex.

Kegels are really easy to do, but it can be tricky to remember to do them! If you need some help developing and sticking to a Kegel routine, check out the K-Goal by Minna Life or the Luna Smart Bead by LELO. Both products guide you through specific Kegel training routines, and the K-Goal app can connect to your smartphone and show you nifty visuals of your progress!

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