Originally posted on 8 March 2023 | By RACHEL CUBAS-WILKINSON 

MIT Sloan found that employee perception of company culture is ten times more predictive of attrition and turnover than compensation. The message from that research is clear: Employees don’t want to work in a toxic company culture.

But what exactly is a toxic culture? Most of us tend to think of it as something so extreme that it couldn’t possibly describe our organization or us as leaders.

However, one often-overlooked factor plays a bigger role than many suspect: inclusivity. Laura Wronski found that workers who are satisfied with their company’s efforts on DEI issues are actually happier with their jobs. A toxic culture, conversely, is often one in which employees don’t feel their voice is heard. In fact, more than half of the employees who left organizations during the recent Great Resignation did so for that reason.

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