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By LIZZY BRISKIN  |  November 9, 2021

Holiday gift ideas for your aunt

Stumped about what to get your aunt this holiday season? Whether you’re close or only see her occasionally, it can be hard to find the perfect gift for extended family members.

But whether your aunt is into outdoor adventures or culinary experimentation or could just use a bit of relaxation in her life, these are the best holiday gifts for every kind of aunt on your list.

Smart goggles

FINIS Smart Goggle Kit: available at Amazon

If your aunt loves to be active, but already has all of the fitness tracking gear she can tote on a hike or cycle expedition, here’s a techy fitness gift she’ll love. These smart goggles from FINIS track and display helpful stats like your swimming pace, number of laps and total time in the pool. This is a great gift for the competitive aunt who already has several triathlons lined up for next summer.

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