By Rajeev Shrivastava  |  June 9, 2021

COVID continues to affect multiple countries as variants and second-and third-wave outbreaks plague some nations while at the same time travel is opening up for lockdown-weary vaccinated travelers in other countries. This creates a host of interesting questions:

  • Are providers keeping up with the needs of travelers in a world of COVID-19?
  • Is our industry ramping up educational programs and the development of new products to meet the needs of anxious travelers?
  • Will the big provider companies, brokers, travel agents, and third-party aggregators get up-to-speed on all of the new COVID offerings as travel bookings resume?
  • Will agents and resellers be able to handle increased demand as post-pandemic travel continues a resurgence?
  • What does the industry need to do to optimize existing distribution models?

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