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Eva Bogaisky from #Mom365 gives us her input on the newest kegel exercise device, #kGoal by Minna Life:

“I should be doing kegels. One hundred of them a day, I’ve heard, but I don’t. And it turns out l’m not alone. In a survey done recently by minna, a San Francisco start-up specializing in beautifully designed sexual health products, it was found that most women are not doing kegels, and many of them, about 50% either don’t know what they are, or don’t know if they are doing them correctly.

The survey asked 310 women, a random sample across age groups and cultural backgrounds, what they knew about strengthening their nether regions. Not very much! They asked who benefited the most from doing them: most said women 60+. On the embarrassing, yet super important topic of incontinence, 80% of the group reported that they don’t suffer from incontinence, yet 54% said they did experience “unexpected leakage while coughing, running, laughing or sneezing”– a.k.a. incontinence! I thought of my friend, who had just jokingly told me about the “stop, cross, and sneeze” maneuver she employs.”

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