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Kentico Software, a Web content and customer experience management provider, recently unveiled the findings from a survey of online donors, the latest installment of Kentico’s ongoing Digital Experience research series.

According to the survey, 35% of those who donate online say they are sometimes moved to give more than planned when presented with compelling website content. But while visual content is commonly credited for amplifying many of today’s digital marketing efforts, when it comes to charities, donors are much more likely to respond to personal stories (35%) and statistics (32%). Check out for an actionable research to form your successful marketing strategy.

67% also report mostly giving to the same charities, underscoring the need to upgrade donors whenever possible. With 44% preferring to give via a charity’s website (vs. in person or via mail) and 47% claiming to visit the same non-profit websites regularly, non-profits do appear to have a sizeable opportunity in connecting with their repeat donors through the content on their sites.

“While charities continue to face an uphill battle in attracting new donors, our survey suggests the right digital content can encourage greater generosity among repeat donors,” said Kentico CEO and founder Petr Palas, in a news release. “Regardless of the cause or need, non-profit sites need to combine the human and emotional elements along with the hard facts that show how widespread the problem might be.”

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