Clustrix, provider of the first scale-out database designed to meet the needs of large, fast-growing e-commerce and ad tech announced the company has been invited to present at  the eXelate Vendor Showcase in New York on November 3rd. eXelate, a Nielsen company, is the leading provider of data technology powering the digital marketing ecosystem. Clustrix’s flagship product ClustrixDB helps eXelate to routinely process database transactions at the rate of more than 60,000 transactions per second and bursts to rates of 85,000 transactions per second.

The Clustrix team will deliver a presentation to Nielsen CIOs and CTOs and fellow eXelate vendor attendees on how the ClustrixDB database enables the high volume transaction processing needed to ingest behavior data and simultaneously power the eXelate DMP platform.

ClustrixDB is the first relational database designed to meet the elastic scaling requirements of high-volume online transactions needed by businesses like eXelate. ClustrixDB, a drop-in replacement for MySQL, fits into today’s on-site or cloud-based and datacenter environments. ClustrixDB scales linearly with a ‘shared-nothing’ architecture and distributes both data and queries automatically and intelligently to reduce time-consuming data movement and contention.

Please direct inquiries for access to the event to the media contacts below.

About Clustrix
Clustrix provides the leading scale-out relational database engineered for data center or cloud use. ClustrixDB is a drop-in replacement for MySQL and an ideal solution for e-commerce businesses and Web applications that need scale, high availability and flexible capacity. Our customers use ClustrixDB for critical business applications that support massive transactional volume and real-time reporting of business performance metrics. ClustrixDB delivers more than one trillion transactions per month for customers including AOL, Flipkart, MakeMyTrip, Choxi, Photobox, Rakuten and Symantec.

Headquartered in San Francisco, visit to learn more.