LONDONOct. 4, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Actiance, the leader in communications compliance, archiving, and analytics, today announced from its Unleash EMEA 2017 Summit that it is teaming with companies that offer wireless telecommunications and artificial intelligence leader Veritone to deliver a holistic, integrated offering to meet customers’ requirements for voice compliance.

Under MiFID II guidelines, set to take effect in January, financial services firms must gather all communications related to a trade upon the request of a regulator, including relevant unstructured records such as email, IM, social media and voice communications. “When it comes to compliance challenges related to capturing and archiving communications, customers are telling us that voice is their number one challenge,” said Anthony West, CTO, Actiance.

MiFID II: Meeting Voice And Archiving Requirements

While many banks are already archiving landline and turret communications, they’re now required to do the same for mobile, as well as capture a wide array of context for each conversation. Meeting MiFID II requirements such as these presents a technical challenge that thousands of organizations are now struggling to come to terms with, as several surveys indicate that as many as two-thirds of companies are not ready for MiFID II.

Actiance will work with its partners to provide a voice compliance solution that:

  • Provides a full view of all conversations happening in all channels, and the ability to proactively control and, as necessary, prevent them
  • Identifies areas of risk and sensitive information that’s not being managed in accordance with regulatory or governance policies
  • Enables rapid response to regulatory inquiries, such as those stemming from MiFID II
  • Goes beyond traditional archiving solutions to offer the full contextual picture of conversations that may happen across multiple mediums across lengthy timeframes

Actiance’s partners extend the Actiance compliance and archiving platform to deliver the most reliable and efficient technology solution to conduct oversight of a firm’s electronic communications in one place. We’re thrilled to announce the latest partners to our ecosystem bringing strong, out-of-the-box solutions:

Movius provides a cloud-based service that enables individuals and financial institutions to achieve regulatory compliance for their mobile business communications. The solution offers a separate corporate number on employee devices for calls and texts to deliver a complete BYOD enabled solution in support of compliance. It’s also carrier-agnostic and can be deployed at scale with built-in mobile recording without any change to the handset, the SIM or the user’s existing mobile network.

The Movius and Actiance partnership brings together two leading platforms to provide global financial services firms with a full range of options in an end-to-end solution.

“Actiance brings the compliance, retention, archiving and eDiscovery capabilities that banks require; it’s a perfect complement to our technology. Firms will be able to capture, record, store and analyze mobile voice and text communications from the Movius app all seamlessly through the Actiance Platform,” said Amit Modi, Chief Product and Technology Officer, Movius. “For global enterprises, this is a worry-free and comprehensive answer to the question of MiFID II compliance.”

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